Twas a dark and stormy night. Any moonlight that may have made its way through the window was smothered by rain and cloud until only a dim, blue glow lit the room. A low hum and mechanical chatter constantly filled the air, punctuated by a sharp and intermittent clicking. Sometimes twice at once. A double-click. This steady murmur of not-quite-unpleasant noise emanated from one spot, at the corner of the room. Atop an old Ikea desk sat an electro-mechanical tome, and behind it a bearded man. Laptop at his behest, he used his Power to conjure Cards and Columns, draw Maps and Matrices, grow Tables and Trees (but no pies…never a pie). All in a valiant, albeit fleeting effort to fight the ever looming threat of the unknown, the immeasurable…
Bad Data.

Okay, so maybe that’s not a very cool reveal, but at least it’s dramatic…right?

Welcome to Super Power BI! I’m Dan, all around nerd and fresh faced IT Trainer at Pragmatic Works, and this is my blog all about empowering your data and giving your BI super-strength. Now although I may be relatively new to Power BI, the power platform, and analytics as a whole, I have an extensive background in IT, Data management, Networking, and infrastructure. Not to mention I’m growing my knowledge and technical skill at a breakneck pace. It is my job after all. Now, with the many articles and videos to come, you’ll learn all about Microsoft’s Power BI, the power platform, and still other business intelligence and data handling platforms as well. I can’t wait to see where my journey through such a fast paced and fascinating industry takes me. Thanks for checking me out, and I truly hope you enjoy and learn from the things I share with you along the way.

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